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Read up on the most common questions relating to garage door weather stripping before buying one.

How do I clean my wooden garage door?

The cleaning process involved for a wooden garage door is pretty simple. If you observe that the finish is in good condition, you can simply remove mildew, chalk and dirt by washing your wooden garage door with a mild solution of detergent and water. Make sure that you rinse it with clear water afterward and dry accordingly to avoid softening of the coat.

What kind of maintenance services I need to implement to my steel garage door?

Garage Door Repair Chino specialists recommend at least once a year cleaning with a household detergent and warm water. Checking up and lubricating the springs, hinges and rollers is also highly recommended at least once a year, so you can do these things altogether. If visual wear and tear on these parts is noticeable, you may replace them as well.

How often must I check the garage door mechanism?

Garage door maintenance is an extremely important service because it will give you the chance to detect weaknesses and damages. Specialists at Garage Door Repair Chino would recommend servicing the mechanism twice a year but it would also depend on the condition of the door and the temperatures of your location. Some small tasks like lubrication maintenance and the tightening of some screws might require more frequent attention.

Why do homeowners prefer to have a wooden garage door?

Most homeowners prefer wooden doors for their garages because of their style and design. In other words, they like it for its appearance rather than its durability. Scientifically, wood will expand, contract and can crack or warp over time. If you choose the wooden type, experts at Chino advice that you do regular garage door repair and maintenance on it such as repainting or refinishing. Regular more or less means every couple of years in order to keep it in great shape.

Why should I lock garage doors from inside?

It's best locking the garage door from inside because thieves won't know where your lock will be and won't be able to open the door. It will also be easier for you because you can lock the door at your convenience and this way you can also keep the kids from playing with the door. It will provide greater security and will be more practical.

Why is it so difficult to open my garage door?

A rigid or unresponsive garage door could point to a number of latent problems with your door's components. Your doors could be misaligned, obstructed, rusted and weathered or worn from constant friction. Try some lubrication maintenance, and if that fails, call a professional.

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