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How to Program Your Liftmaster Remote

Do you have a Liftmaster remote manufactured from 1993 onwards? Check out this video to see how to program it. We give you plain instructions and take you step by step in order to do it right. You will just have to come closer to the head unit operator and keep your remote with you.

Replace Garage Door Opener Battery

Do you have a backup battery installed in the opener and it is currently dead? Watch this video and learn how to replace the battery in just a few seconds. The instructions are given in full detail and we take you step by step through the whole procedure in order to be sure you do the task right.

Quick Tip: How to Quiet a Noisy Garage Door

Did your garage door become noisy? Let's face it! They all do at some point. So, we prepared this really short video for you, to show you how to lubricate it properly in order to quiet it down. We show you exactly what to do and which parts you should focus on.


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