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Clopay Torsion Spring System

The unique thing about the Clopay torsion spring system is its design. It is quite different from those of traditional garage door torsion springs, even though the principle of operation is the same. This design should be well understood for the purpose of providing adequate maintenance and for getting repair in a timely manner.

We offer special maintenance programs to check the hinges and springs of your door

Clopay Torsion Spring System in CaliforniaThe system includes a shaft which measures one inch in diameter. It is set above the door. If it is longer and heavier it can have a central support bracket. There are two-piece shafts which come with a connecting component in the middle. These shafts actually make the installation process quicker. At each end of the shaft, there is a drum and a winder as well. The winders on the leftdiffer from those on the right, so it is essential for them not to be confused during the installation process. Single-car garage doors usually have only one torsion spring attached to the left winder. This is the case with lighter two-car models. Heavier doors for two cars have one spring attached to each winder. Basically, there is a left spring and a right one. The drums are connected to the lift cables, which are attached to the bottom end of the door.

No matter whether there is one spring or a pair of them, they are loaded with force. This force corresponds to the weight of the door. Balance is created in this way so that the door can stay in place. During opening, the spring unwinds and releases the force which is used for the process. The opposite happens during closing. The spring winds and gets loaded with force.

Just like its traditional counterparts, the Clopay torsion spring system requires regular maintenance. This job includes lubrication of all coils.

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