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Clopay Glass Garage Doors

In the past it was only possible to selectbetween units made ofwood and steel, but now there are Clopay glass garage doors. They come in a minimalistic contemporary style. There is a selection of frame finishes and glass designs available.

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Clopay Glass Garage Doors in CaliforniaThe panels of these doors are made from tempered glass, also known as toughened glass. They have undergone special thermal and chemical treatments to become stronger. They are less likely to crack and break compared to its untreated counterparts. In general, glass is highly weather-resistant. It cannot get damaged by water and UV radiation. The frame, on the other hand, is made from commercial-grade aluminum with a thickness of 2.125 inches. The frame is strong enough to support the panels and light enough to enable the normal operation of the door by the opener. It is also highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

There are seven glass design options to choose from. Clear glass is fully transparent, as its name suggests. Frosted glass allows lower visibility of the contents of the garage from the outside. There are two tinted glass options - gray and bronze. Bronze is slightly darker. Obscure glass makes it possible to see the shapes of the objects inside, but without details. With white laminate glass, it is impossible to see inside. The mirrored glass doors reflect the surrounding environment.

With the Clopay glass garage doors, there are three types of protective finishes to select from. The anodized finish is basicallyan outer layer of aluminum oxide. It comes in three colors - clear, brown and black. With powder coating, the color options are white, brown and bronze. The protective Ultra-Grain paint can make the frame resemble light or dark cherry wood. A same-colored handle can be added to the door as well.

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