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Choosing the Best Garage Door Type for Your Home

11/04/2013 Back To Blog

There are different types of garage doors that you can choose from. Before the installation commences, decide on what material your door will be made of. Garage door maintenance should also be done to ensure the door’s long life. To help you decide, here are the types that you can pick.Choosing the Best Garage Door Type for Your Home


This type is best for classic houses also made of wood. If you already have a door but it is not made of wood, you can replace the existing garage door so it fits the design of the house. The panels can be whole or in sections. Sectioned panels are better because you can replace the garage door panel as it gets damaged.


Steel is very durable, so this type can last long with the right maintenance. You can have it painted to prevent rust, and you can opt to make it look like a wooden door. The downside to a steel door is that it is not a good insulator, so if you live in a cold climate, this is not advisable to use.


This type works perfect in houses that are mostly made of glass too. It is made of thick glass that can withstand the weather and protect the garage itself. Glass doors are elegant to look at, but they can be damaged and broken just like any other door type.


Aluminum is lightweight, and is cheaper than steel, so it is a very good choice for a garage door. This type is ideal for households that have no children at home as it can easily be dented.

Another thing to consider when choosing the garage door type is the type of house that you live in. it is always nice to look at when your door complements the look of the whole house. Aside from the look, the safety of the garage should be the main focus in selecting the type of door.

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