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We Suggest Old Opener Replacement

Old garage door openers can only offer you trouble. Their technology is old and although they might still open and close the door, their convenience is questioned and so is their safety. As a matter of fact, openers manufactured before the basic UL 325 guidelines in 1993 are actually forbidden in some states since they lack the necessary sensors and that's why “Garage Door Repair Chino” recommends their immediate replacement. This is actually the most important reason for replacing the old opener.

Electric garage door openers without safety sensors can be turned into lethal machines. If someone is not careful and stands under the overhead door and the springs do not work properly, there might be an accident. For the avoidance of such tragedies, safety sensors have become inherit components of electric operators since their eyes will see the obstruction and will reverse the door.

A few more reasons why old openers should be replaced

Most openers produce some noise, but older ones are extremely noisy. After all, the new ones are manufactured with better materials and even chain drive openers are quieter when they are new in comparison with old ones. Old openers do not have the same features as new ones. Today, there are also many accessories people can add to make entrance more comfortable and safe. Nowadays, some openers are even operated through internet.

The most important reason for garage door opener replacement is centered on people's safety. New openers and remote controls do not function with a fixed code as in the old days, but instead are fit with rolling codes. Every time the opener is activated, a different code is used and so nobody can copy it and use it to enter the premises. There are variations among clickers for all needs and there are also wireless keypads for those who would want to put remotes aside and use personal passwords to gain access. Of course, having a backup battery is also a big plus for the times of power outage and our experts are always here to provide more information. So, do call us!

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