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Linear Garage Door Opener

There are different types of Linear garage door opener systems depending on the drive, the motor and the rail. The manufacturer of these devices has recently changed its name from Linear to Nortek. The company makes security and access control systems including electric operators for overhead garage doors and residential gates.

Linear Garage Door Opener in California

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The company makes both chain drive and belt drive openers. They follow the same principle of operation. The difference comes from the make of the drive. The metal chain is stronger than the flexible belt. However, it also makes more noise due to the greater friction created during movement. Furthermore, the chain requires regular cleaning and operation in order to work smoothly.

This manufacturer offers openers with an AC motor and ones with a DC motor. The first option is the traditional one. AC motors are known for their durability and long useful life. DC motors, on the other hand, make less noise during operation and use a smaller amount of power to operate. In order to use power from the electrical grid of the house, a motor of this type is connected to an inverter which is also found inside the main unit of the opener system.

The rails available with Linear garage door opener models come with different designs and sizes. The rails with T design are the most widely used. The ones with I design follow close behind. The choice of size depends on the height of the overhead door which the opener is for. The rails from this manufacturer can have a length of 7, 8, 10 or 12 feet. A specific rail can work with either a belt drive or a chain drive unit, but not with both.

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