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Innovative Cleaning Ideas For Steel And Metal Doors

09/09/2013 Back To Blog

Garage door openers, regardless of their make and type, can easily get dirty and worn out, because they are frequently exposed to the elements, and they also can get soiled by accidental spills and dirty hands. If you have steel or metal door openers at home,  here’s a look at a few innovative and easy-to-follow steel and metal door cleaning ideas.Innovative Cleaning Ideas For Steel And Metal Doors

Create A Dish washing Soap Mixture

For regular cleaning and steel or metal garage door maintenance, you could create a cleaning mixture composed of 1 teaspoon mild dish washing soap, 2 cups of warm water, and place this in a spray bottle. For tougher stains and blots, you could tri-sodium phosphate, which is an all-purpose garage door cleaner that is not harmful to steel or metal doors.

Metal or Steel Door Cleaning Techniques

Before applying the dish washing soap and warm water mixture, first place a layer of newspapers, or an old towel or rag at the bottom of the door, so it could catch the dripping cleaning mixture.

  • Next, spray the metal door’s surface, starting at the top before heading to the bottom.  Make sure you thoroughly spray the entire garage door opener.
  • After spraying, wipe the door with a sponge or rag, to effectively eliminate grease and dirt. Repeat the process on areas that have tough stains.
  • Rinse the steel garage door with plain water, and dry it with a  soft cloth or rag. Also apply car wax coat to prevent the accumulation of dirt in the future.

Garage door repair Chino experts also suggest that you  wear rubber gloves and safety glasses when performing steel or metal door cleaning. To make sure the cleaning solution is safe for the door’s surface, try testing the mixture on a hidden area or part of the steel door, to see if it doesn't affect the opener’s color. Never use sandpaper or steel wool for cleaning steel doors, because these can scratch the door opener’s finish.

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